Jump Freighter Calculator

Please read the BRAVE Freight page on the BRAVE Wiki to be sure you understand the rules and how to use the service. Your use of the service is governed by the rules listed there, whether you read them or not. Join the #hauling channel on Slack if you have questions

The staging hubs we regularly service with price pro-rated by collateral/volume:

We also service BRAVE-owned citadels outside of hub systems at full price.

We DO NOT provide from highsec to highsec. Please use public contracts or similar to transport your items through high sec

Do not contract assembled containers or ships. If you do, your contract will be failed and you may be charged a 50,000,000 ISK penalty! Read the rules! Repeat offenders will be blacklisted

Contract To Max Cargo Recommended Collateral Expire Complete
Brave Little Toaster. (the dot is important!) 320,000.00 m³ Collateral MUST be set to at least the Jita sell value of the items in the contract, and you should include a link to an Evepraisal of the contract contents in your contract description. It's recommended to add 5-10% to cover value changes over time. This includes correctly valuing researched BPO/BPC based on public contract prices. If you set collateral incorrectly, your contract will be failed. Repeat offenders will be blacklisted from the service. Read the rules!. BRAVE Freight only expects haulers to have $6,000,000,000 ISK available for collateral, so higher collateral means fewer pilots can carry it. Multiple lower collateral contracts might move quicker than a single larger collateral contract. 7 days 3 days



Contract Reward

Possible route