Jump Freighter Calculator

Jump freighter rewards depend on the route, cargo size and chosen collateral
See rates below and checkout the BRAVE Freight page on the BRAVE Wiki or join the #hauling channel on Slack if you have questions

The staging hubs we regularly service (BRAVE/TEST structures only) with price pro-rated by collateral/volume:

We also service BRAVE-owned citadels outside of hub systems at full price.

We DO NOT provide from highsec to highsec. Please use BRAVE's own Trinity X Industries, public contracts, Red Frog, PushX or similar to transport your items through high sec

Do not contract assembled containers or ships and correctly collateralize your contracts!

Contract To Max Cargo Max Recommended Collateral Expire Complete
Brave Little Toaster. (the dot is important!) 320,000.00 m³ $3,000,000,000 ISK 7 days 3 days



Contract Reward

Possible route